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Schimmel Media is an Europe-wide operating media enterprise for high-grade information services granting more success in trade, business and on the internet.

Target-oriented, up to date and high-grade information is the factor of success N° 1 in business life. For this purpose the internet provides a basis with novel services and media concepts for new business opportunities and specific information.

Schimmel Media offers the following media services:
With more than 200.000 commercial traders and several zentrada-marketplaces is one of the leading purchase and trading platforms for online wholesale in Germany and Europe. As additional services we provide the zentrada.magazine for our members in Germany, the expert services under the brand Expert-Sites, the video portal as well as the sales platform that is specialized in the procurement of printed matters. is the leading network of marketplaces, online shops and showrooms for the wholesale trade of consumer goods in Germany and Europe. More than 200.000 commercial members and approx. 3.350 suppliers use the trading platforms and information services for the transnational purchase and sale of all kinds of trade goods in smaller and large quantities. To this day has been running subsidiaries and marketplaces in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary and Spain. exclusively appeals to commercial users, such as wholesalers, producers, importers, retailers, mail order companies, eBay powersellers and online traders that count among specialized or retail trade. The basic membership is free of charge and for all commercial buyers available.

In May 2011 we have introduced TradeSafe, an order and payment processing system on a trust basis that is especially geared to multilingual online order and payment proceedings in wholesale trade. TradeSafe ensures payment security for the seller and reliability of supply (buyer protection) for the commercial buyer.


zentrada.Deal is the new promotion platform for novelties and special offers within The new marketing opportunity is ideal for novelties and innovations that have not yet been looking for, as well as for the quick commercialization of major items or for an advertising campaign for you as a high-capacity supplier. By means of a special offer newsletter you are able to send your deal to approx. 50.000 selected recipients which you can additionally offer and sell directly up to 2 months in our deal shop. The order processings will be effected safely and comfortably via TradeSafe.


The trade magazine zentrada.magazin (the member magazine of zentrada) is the long-time trend magazine for the wide-ranging retail and wholesale trade in Germany and Austria. For more than 60 years zentrada.magazin has been gaining a good reputation as a competent partner (formerly Zentralmarkt). The zentrada.magazin informs biweekly about trends, topics, products, markets and market leaders. Beyond that the leading importers, wholesalers and producers for consumer goods and trend articles present themselves in our widespread advertising section.


TradeSafe is the centralized system of order and payment processings on a trust basis within It helps to solve problems occurring in the order proceedings of online wholesale in Germany and Europe and to settle the transactions in more successful. For buyers TradeSafe offers a system of buyer protection with supplier-specified shopping basket administration, centralized offer and order processings, payment and supply security for transactions all over Europe, as well as the personal handling of complaints in your national language. For sellers TradeSafe helps to create more confidence in online trade and ensures the safe settlement of payment throughout Europe. Apart from that TradeSafe provides optimized multilingual order processings for wholesale with aid of service offices in 8 countries.

Businessworld, is the real portal for business videos! This platform is especially for company reports and business know-how, for corporate videos and commercials. Here, companies and service providers can present their videos to a business target group for free. Due to a clear classification the users may locate relevant contents without detour. For each video you can find a detailed description and further information, for instance concerning the film's publisher.

Expert information services Expert-Sites

Under the label »Expert-Sites«, the Schimmel Media Verlag provides innovative expert information services covering specific topics in the field marketing and sales/distribution. The expert knowledge will be provided in form of a advisory letter in PDF-format as well as a supplemental internet platform. The advisory letter provides topical advise - tips of current interest and gives fresh impulses for your business ventures. Additionally, a comprehensive knowledge basis in the online archive is being made available to the subscriber. The online archive provides beside the content of the advisory letter also several supplementing checklists, in-practice examples, Excel tools and current economic news. The content will be searched, edited and written by experts out of the respective business sectors. A competent specialised editorial staff together with sector and expert authors will take care of the services. The content is completely free of advertisement and available exclusively via subscription.

Call Center Experts

Efficient customer dialog via telephone
The telephone is considered still to be one of the most effective communication media allowing a personal contact: quick, direct and inexpensive - always more and more sophisticated concepts are being developed for active selling or professional services via telephone. Call groups and call centres in the company or in the service enterprise back in management, strategy and implementation on professional now-how and continuous benchmarking. Publisher Günter Greff together with other experts will tell you everything about the secrets of professional organisation of call centres. Additional information and 2-month mini-subscription under

CRM Expert Site

Finally CRM-know-how without the marketing non-sense of providers
Long-term binding of profitable customers, set up a more efficient sales organisation or optimise the marketing campaign towards specific target groups - typical goals, which businesses pursue with Customer Relationship Management. Distribution and communication channels in direction customers are being checked, integrated and optimised presently by many companies. How companies thereby proceed, available success strategies and how to learn out of mistakes made by others: The novel expert information service reports now about this. The publisher Martina Schimmel-Schloo and the CRM-Expert council with Prof. Manfred Krafft, Dr. Wolfgang Martin, Wolfgang Schwetz and Prof. Peter Winkelmann will tell you everything about the secrets of professional Customer Relations Management. Further information and 2-month mini-subscription under

Online Marketing Experts

Online-Marketing-Experts: Your trend setter for successful online marketing
Advantageous and effective solicitation of new customers was never so easy as well as binding existing customers. The internet is going to be for an increasing number of business sectors an essential factor of the marketing-mix. But marketing knowledge is no where else so transitory like in internet. What is functioning today, can be obsolete tomorrow. Because of this, Online-Marketing-Experts will give up-to-date tips and advise. Back for your success on the experience, tips and know-how of leading experts. Your publisher, Dr. Torsten Schwarz together with other experts will talk about everything pertaining to professional Online-Marketing.
Further information and opportunity to test under Online-Marketing-Experts

Sales/Distribution Experts

The innovative coach for Distribution and Sales
Up-date impulses, tips and advisory for more success in sales and distribution will be passed on via the advisory letter of the Sales Expert Team: Alexander Christiani, Holger Dannenberg, Michael Ehlers, Dirk Kreuter, Matina Schimmel-Schloo and Prof. Peter Winkelmann. The supplementing online-platform offers in addition to this a comprehensive reservoir of knowledge to all questions and upcoming problems around the distribution.
Additional information and 2-month-mini-subscription under

PrintDirect24 bundles the best offers of the leading online print shops in a sole, very well-arranged online shop and can therefore offer a wide range of products at comparatively low prices. The online print shop has currently listed more than 25.000 print products with variations and prices. Flyers, leaflets, brochures, posters, advertising materials, usiness papers, magazines, catalogues, etc. Can be printed more favourably by and can beyond that be combined individually with graphics- and print data services. The wide-ranging assortment is continuously updated and due to the acquisition of new suppliers persistently expanded by additional products. Apart from the offers in our shop we do, of course, appreciate individual requests and enquiries as well.

Schimmel Satz & Graphik

Schimmel Satz & Graphik

For more than 50 years Schimmel Satz & Graphik has been acting as a specialized service provider at pre-stage for the efficient typesetting and graphics production, for cyclic or larger projects, preparation of print data or the typesetting of advertisements.

Our staff members are 100 % motivated, dispose of the necessary expertise and technology and are at any time ready to integrate themselves in the individual workflows of our customers. Equally, whether typesetting of advertisements, occasional or frequent printings, image editing, magazine or newspaper layout, checking or conversion of advertisements, or even for the entire preparation auf your print data – with Schimmel Satz & Graphik your order will be in the best hands!